lgbtqia+ friendly page: IMPORTANCE

Why is LGBTQ Important?

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Have you ever noticed that you don't fit in properly to the gender stereotypes? Have you ever felt like you had different romantic feelings than others around you? Or has a close friend just 'come-out' about being part of the LGBTQIA+ community?

Congrats, you're different or you know a unique person, and there's nothing bad about that at all!! I don't want this page to become a total 'self-help' kind of reading, (so I'll keep it short) but you should embrace that distinction that you have from other people. We should always embrace others' differences because we shouldn't always need to act like clones of eachother. There is litterally a rainbow of differences!

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Thank you SO much for looking at my webpage!! I hope you learned something new. :) And PLEASE contact me if any information is incorrect or offending. Thank you for your support!!