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Welcome to my Website!

This is an LGBTQIA+ friendly site

By: Nina M.

Supporting the LGBT community is important as they are humans and should be treated the same as everyone else. I have the opportunity to show support for my LGBT friends and other LGBT people through this website. I also have the opportunity to inform people about the LGBT community, problems the LGBT community faces, and lots of other things that people need to know about the treatment of the LGBT community. For example the rights of the restroom are currently a HUGE argument. Go to the "Current Events Related to LGBTQ" for more information on the rights of the restroom.

My favorite quote is from the autobiography, about a transgender woman, Rethinking Normal:

“[Transgender people] don’t ask you what’s in your pants, so don’t ask them (Katie Hill, 254).”

Things to explore:

Thank you SO much for looking at my webpage!! I hope you learned something new. :) And PLEASE contact me if any information is incorrect or offending. Thank you for your support!!